Hit new video game is based on politics

Keith Vaz MP has launched a new, non-violent alternative video game based on life in politics.  Bandwagon Jumper is already being praised for its realistic simulation of avoiding responsibility for the consequences of decisions taken earlier in the game whilst ruthlessly dispatching your colleagues.

Players must first need to develop their skills at giving ambiguous answers to questions, avoiding low level criminal infractions and getting bonus points if they can help fiddle the expenses system, as they rise up the greasy pole. 

‘There’s a fantastic level where you take over the Metropolitan Police,’ said one excited gamer. ‘You’re given a baton and pepper spray and once you’ve mastered ‘kettling’ you can basically go around and batter whoever you like. It’s awesome.’

Bandwagon Jumper ends with the player pulling off a tricky move of travelling to other countries to sell weapons to dictators for maximum profits, before urging their own electorate to support a war on them. ‘It’s similar to Grand Theft Auto,’ said one gamer, ‘only the character is a bit more ruthless’


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