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Microsoft goes bust as error messages trademarked

The IT industry was left in shock yesterday after the collapse of the software giant Microsoft when unemployed Dave Digby from Felixstowe trademarked the phrase ‘Fragment (consider revising)’.  Within three hours, Microsoft was bankrupted and Digby had accrued enough money to purchase the Moon.

‘I’m now looking into trademarking the phrase ‘You look like you’re writing a letter’,’ Digby added.  ‘Not to make money this time, I just want to wipe the gormless look off that annoying paperclip’s face. And then I’ll move onto ‘You have unused icons on your desktop’. I mean, really? Is that your problem or is that mine? Anyway, can’t stop, I’m having my driveway re-gravelled with crushed Faberge Eggs.’


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Posted: Nov 27th, 2011 by Guest

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