Clarkson disembowelling ‘in jest’, insist public sector workers

A group of striking public sector workers was forced to apologise yesterday after they conceded that their disembowelling of Jeremy Clarkson live on the BBC’s The One Show ‘may have offended some viewers’.

‘We would like to make it clear that our ritual slaughter of Mr Clarkson was ironic and we are sorry if any viewers found it upsetting,’ said an NHS nurse fully trained to perform such a procedure. ‘The removal of his intestines was clearly intended as a joke evisceration and should not be taken as representative of the views of public sector workers towards the Top Gear presenter. Actual disembowelling would be too good for him.’

The BBC is understood to have received a number of angry calls from viewers following the incident, including from Mr Clarkson’s family who had been hoping he would be taken outside and shot in their presence.

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