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Hypochondriac given six months to live by self

A long-suffering hypochondriac received bad news today after sitting herself down and delivering the grim prognosis that, in the best case scenario, she had perhaps six months to live.

‘To be honest, I feared the worst,’ said 30-year-old Lydia. ‘When you’ve spent your life battling imagined ill health, you just know when a twinge in your ankle is actually something far more sinister. From the moment I sat down and saw the look in my eyes as I gave myself the news, I knew it was bad.’

Despite the setback, Lydia has promised friends and family that she will fight this thing with all she has, buoyed by her against-the-odds recovery last month from a malignant bout of sniffles.

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Posted: Dec 2nd, 2011 by NewsBiscuit

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