Shop’s security barrier catches its first shoplifter

A branch of Next has become the first known store in the UK to actually catch a shoplifter after he set off the security barriers at the store’s front door.

‘We installed the barriers in 1994 to make innocent people feel guilty and to warn staff they had left the security tags on shoppers’ purchases,’ said store manager Helen Barber. ‘We were as shocked as anyone to catch a shoplifter.’

When apprehended, the man pulled out a pair of jeans and told staff ‘you got me’. ‘Immediately I took him to the tills to remove the tag and let him get on with his day, but this seemed to confuse him. Luckily he was a career criminal so knew exactly what to do. He gave me the number for the local police and even offered to call them for me.’

The manufacturer of the barriers is delighted their product was now seen to be of additional use to the high street. ‘We now just need to raise awareness that our car alarms may go off if someone is stealing a car and not just because a cat brushed against it.’

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