Sex offending still dominated by men, complain feminists

Women’s equality groups around the world were dismayed yesterday by the release of new statistics which reveal that only 4% of sex crimes are committed by women. Despite it being an improvement on the 1% recorded in 1999, feminists are disappointed by the slowness of the gains.

‘This says something very alarming about how women are sexually disempowered by society,’ said a spokeswoman. ‘They feel repressed and inhibited by patriarchal structures which restrict their self expression – structures such as the law or consideration of basic human rights.’

‘In 21st century Britain, women can play rugby, drink beer and ‘pull’, but still stop short of forcing unwanted sexual attentions onto another person. Until they learn to break through this barrier, they will never really be equal to men.’

Some have suggested that perhaps men should offend less rather than women offend more, but the response from feminists was scathing. ‘Typical bloody men. When women want to play they suddenly want to take their ball home.’

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