Man finally invents the ‘Leg Jumper’

Although the jumper – a thicker, secondary layer worn over a shirt or vest to provide an extra layer of insulation to the upper torso and arms – has existed as long as we can remember, until now there has been no equivalent for the legs. But now one man has the solution: the leg jumper.

‘This invention brings an end to the discrimination against two of the most useful limbs of the body,’ said engineer and inventor Wallace Peeves. ‘Much like a jumper for the upper torso, it is worn over the primary trouser layer and gives extra warmth and protection to the lowest of the vital organs, the knees. I call them trumpers.’

Leg jumpers, or trumpers, are set to hit the shops in time for Christmas and comes in a variety of designs, including the embarrassing ‘woollen Christmas’ style as well as the more subtle plain cotton variant. The product will be marketed with the slogan, ‘Legs – you have been warmed.’


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