Cameron vetoes changes to Eurovision Song Contest

David Cameron has this morning thrown the whole of Europe into crisis by using the UK’s veto to prevent changes to the Eurovision Song Contest.

‘The proposals were not in the interests of the UK,’ explained the Prime Minister. ‘In my opinion they were not conducive to ensuring that the best song wins. I’m just as fed up with those Balkan states voting for each other as anybody. Why on earth Blue didn’t do better last time beggers belief.’

The consequences of the move could prove to be massive. BBC political editor Nick Robinson tweeted: ‘This could lead to a two-tier Eurovision, with the rest of Europe taking part in the glitz and glamour of the main contest, and Britain sending over a busker to play for spare change at the bus-stop outside.’

There are also fears it could herald the end of the coalition government. ‘Nick Clegg is furious about the move,’ said Vince Cable. ‘He loves Eurovision. He’s accepted higher university fees and public sector cuts, but if he doesn’t get to see the dregs of the UK music industry being ritually humiliated by a load of tin-pot European countries again next May, I really can’t see him being able to work with the Tories any more.’

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