Desperate scientists resort to putting up hundreds of ‘missing particle’ posters

Scientists desperate to be reunited with a missing particle have resorted to leaving posters on every lamp-post in their local area. The particle, thought to answer to the name Higgs Boson, has been missing for some time now and there are fears it may never be found.

‘I do hope they find the little chap,’ said a concerned passer-by near the CERN laboratory in Switzerland yesterday. ‘I couldn’t bear the thought of him all alone in the universe. It’s almost beyond comprehension.’

Scientists are hoping the posters will help find the particle, but they admit it’s a long shot. ‘We couldn’t find a picture and no-one really knows what they’re looking for,’ said one. ‘People haven’t been so confused since Schrodinger put up all those ‘wanted dead or alive’ notices for his cat.’

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