Chat room member wins argument with strategic use of CAPS LOCK

A chat room frequenter has created thousands of converts to his opinion with the judicious use of the CAPS LOCK key and unprovoked personal abuse.

‘I simply told them that if they didn’t agree with what I was saying they were a DAILY MAIL READING IDIOT,’ said the man, who went on to illustrate his point with a series of personal anecdotes and unverifiable claims. ‘A couple put up some resistance, but when I told them THAT’S WHAT HITLER WOULD HAVE SAID, they threw the towel in pretty quick.’

Chat room experts have previously labelled such tactics as risky and liable to backfire, but now agree that targeted profanity and use of the CAPS LOCK can, in the right circumstances, persuade fellow debaters of the error of their ways. ‘And don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise,’ said one, ‘because THEY ARE RIGHT WING TWATS!!!’

Researchers are now exploring whether the edge can be taken off upsetting news by use of the comic sans font.

ronseal (with hat-tips to John Ffith-Rucker and kimllfixit)

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