Argos till staff now pushing houses as well as extended warranties

There are concerns that in the run up to Christmas retailers who have had a tough year may be trying to boost their sales by suggesting all manner of additional products that customers might like to purchase.

‘The assistant told me that the exercise bike needed batteries, and asked if I’d like to buy some,’ said one shopper. ‘I said no and also declined the warranty, but then she suggested a car to get it home in. Apparently they had a special offer on a Renault Megane at the moment. When I told her I already had a car, she then asked if I needed a three-bedroom semi-detached house to put it in.’

A spokesman for Argos has defended the policy, claiming that they are only trying to help customers by suggesting complementary goods that they may not have thought of.

But it has annoyed some customers. ‘I was stood there for 25 minutes rejecting all sorts of suggestions before I finally got my exercise bike. It was ridiculous, though I do quite like the pony that I bought with it.’

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