Missing episodes of ‘John Major’s Premiership’ rediscovered

compulsive viewing, oh yes!

Science fiction fans have voiced their delight after two old episodes of John Major’s premiership were rediscovered in a negotiating room.

The two rediscovered episodes are from a 1991 story entitled ‘The Continental Menace’ and show Mr Major in the role of Prime Minister thwarting the evil European Commission on the planet Maastricht. The adventure was found unexpectedly during a clearout by a Mr Cameron of London, who did not initially realise the significance of what he had found.

Original memories of Mr Major’s tenure as Prime Minister, which ran for seven series between 1990 and 1997, were wiped by the Conservative Party and very little evidence survived of the period. ‘It seems strange now but he started out with some very high ratings,’ said a BBC spokeswoman. ‘Unfortunately more and more of his companions were killed off in gruesome scandals that weren’t really suitable for teatime viewing, and he was eventually knifed in the back by the evil Euroscepteks and forced to regenerate into the popular actor Tony Blair.’

‘It’s rather grainy footage and, as with all Mr Major’s adventures, it is in black and white,’ Mr Cameron said. ‘But the story is terribly exciting, with Mr Major and his companions running up and down corridors defeating the evil megalomaniac Delors with his clever ‘opt-out’ device. Unfortunately the last episode is still lost so we don’t know how it ended, but I’m sure it all turned out just fine.’

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