Brisk sales of 2013 calendars reported as people seek to put gloomy 2012 behind them

Despite the economic climate or perhaps because of it, retailers are reporting healthy sales of 2013 calendars a full year ahead of 1st January 2013.
‘Sales of year after next products are positively booming,’ reported a WH Smith’s spokesman. ‘We don’t think this is a measure of confidence in the future, so much as a reflection of the pessimistic forecasts for 2012. People just want to look beyond the next gloomy 12 months. We are categorising them as optimistic pessimists and are doing our best to cater for this fast growing sector.’

Matt Chapman, a finance consultant, was a typical customer. Clutching a newly purchased 2013 business diary along with a full colour King Charles III and Queen Camilla celebration accession calendar, he said, ‘whichever ever way you look at it, 2012 is going to be pretty bleak for everyone so why not look ahead to 2013 when hopefully we’ll be witnessing the green shots of economic recovery rather than watching helpless politicians squabbling over the dying embers of the Euro or going through the agony of seeing a bunch of plucky under achieving British athletes failing gallantly at the Olympics?’

‘The other advantage to having a 2013 diary is that I can save all my holiday allowance from 2012, so I get double the holiday the following year,’ Mr Chapman continued brightly, before adding wistfully, ‘Of course, I’ve no idea how I can get this past the boss but the rumour is that we’re going to be taken over before the end of January so there is probably no need to worry on that score.’

Meanwhile WH Smiths is hedging its bets on a recovery by 2013. Their spokesman confirmed the High Street retailer was pushing ahead with plans for the publication of 2020 calendars and diaries in time for the rush next Christmas.

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