Christmas Day 2011 ‘busiest day in history’ for internet

Retailers up and down the internet have reported a busy Christmas Day as people looked for another way to avoid prolonged contact with loved ones. It is thought that in the modern world of ever decreasing attention spans, most people can tolerate 1 hour 30 minutes of interaction with humans before needing to check Facebook and Twitter, and spend money they haven’t got online.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but only in very small doses’ Porche, 19, from Essex told us. ‘I would rather go to or play Dwane at poker on Facebook.’

A leading psychologist explained that modern technology, and a seemingly endless connection to the internet, has meant the deterioration of ‘quality family time’ at Christmas. ‘I could go on to explain the reasons that people are more attached to the internet than they are to their families, and why attention spans are decreasing, but why bother. This quote will be at the end of your report so no one will read it.’

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