Alliteration Association Axed

The Alliteration Association of Aldershot has announced it is to disband following a poor uptake in membership. The announcement shows the dwindling support for language based groups, coming just weeks after the closure of ‘Fan’s of: Poor Punctuation,’.

Group founder, Mr Malcolm (Malc) McMillan, said sadly ‘people ponder the pointlessness of a person’s passion for pinpointing particular patterns and peculiarities in speech. For friends of finding funny functions for phonics, this is the thing that they thought therapeutic. Unfortunately, since someone suggested we started sharing silly stories on Saturdays, our membership, made up mainly of middle-aged men fell flat on its face with figures falling from forty to fuck all.’

Mr McMillan said he would pursue his passion for language and would start a group dedicated to limericks. ‘I think it’s OK, to spend your day, trying to talk in limerick. I’ve accepted in life, I won’t get a wife, ‘cos women think I’m a …….. OK, may have to rethink that one’

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