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Man shocked to discover wife was undercover traffic warden

mother-in-law still out there inspecting his rubbish binsA man is receiving counselling after discovering his marriage was an elaborately orchestrated sham set up by his local council so his ‘wife’ could log his minor parking misdemeanours.

‘We had two lovely kids, everything was great,’ said Mike Higgins from Birmingham. ‘Then, just after our third anniversary, she issued me with 148 fixed-penalty tickets and fines of over £26,000!’

His supposed wife, Sandie Higgins (real name, Tessa Lamb), was one of a new breed of plain-clothes traffic wardens employed by Sandwell Council.  Jeremy Davis, the council’s Parking Services Director, says the new undercover wardens are a great way to generate revenue.

‘We started training some personnel to operate in plain clothes so they could issue tickets without scaring drivers off.   In Mike’s case we simply decided to take it one step further.  He was known to be a serial parking offender and she did a great job of keeping him, and his car, under close surveillance throughout the marriage.’

Mike is understandably devastated.  ‘I trusted her. God knows how many times I asked her to stay in the car and ‘keep an eye out’ while I popped into the shops.  Now I know what she was up to.’

‘I should’ve known something wasn’t right from her love letters, which she always left in little plastic envelopes under my nearside windscreen wiper.’ he added.

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Posted: Dec 30th, 2011 by nickb

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