Scotland rejects assisted suicide; terminally ill can go to Libya instead

The Scottish Government is set to oppose any relaxation of the laws surrounding assisted suicide, insisting that no matter how poorly you may be, there is always hope. They cite the example of a terminally ill man with only days to live who they sent to Libya 2 years ago, where he is apparently still going strong.

‘We were amazed at the speed the treatment began working’ said Alex Salmond, Scottish first minister. ‘ He left Scotland in a wheelchair, and by the time he landed in Tripoli he was walking, smiling, and doing the okey-cokey. We are glad our methods are working and this just shows what we can achieve without the help of Westminster.’

He added; ‘The benefits for individuals are clear and we hope others in a similar situation will reconsider assisted suicide and instead jump at the chance to go to Tripoli. Just like our first patient did, before remembering he’d told people he couldn’t jump and crawling back into bed.’

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