New hope as Cameron fails to insult a minority sector for 24 hours

The Prime Minister has cause for celebration today, after it was revealed that it is now over 24 hours since the Prime Minister last insulted any minority group.

One of the Prime Ministers closest aids commented ‘You have no idea how difficult our job is when faced with somebody of his background and upbringing. His Bullingdon background has shielded him from exposure to minorities and part of his psyche does not accept their existence. That belief, together with his strong sense of superiority makes it so difficult to temper his outbursts. Right from the start we discarded teams of weapon carrying bodyguards, and today the teams of suits you see accompanying him on public appearances are all advisers and censors – mainly preparing public apologies for immediate release’.

For several months Labour MPs have been trying to persuade the Prime Minister to get himself a Twitter account. Dianne Abbot (MP) commented ‘The great thing about Twitter is that you can put your foot in your mouth and continue to Tweet without difficulty’


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