Man sues gypsy for ‘mis-sold lucky heather’

A 53-year-old farmer from Dorset has that he is taking as Mary O’Fiander, a member of the Irish travelling community, to court regarding what he believes to be a case of ‘mis-sold lucky heather’.

Gareth Ramirez claims to have purchased a small sprig of the plant for £5 early in 2011 and is basing his case on the fact that his year was ‘shite’. ‘What that woman told me was clearly false advertising. I bought the heather in good faith, but in 2011 my wife left me, my harvest was poor and my son got herpes, even though I had what I was told was essentially herbal luck assurance’.

O’Fiander has yet to fully present her case in court, claiming that the delays are being caused by a camera crew following her for the upcoming show, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Summons’.


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