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Taliban commander hails success of internet roll-out for teenagers

Qari Ahmadullah, 47, a district commander and community outreach worker in Kandahar province, has hailed the success of a pilot scheme to supply local teenagers with laptops and access to the internet.

‘It’s completely transformed our young men’, he said. ‘Since the scheme started six months ago, we’ve had no trouble at all with tearaways playing chess or flying kites. The young men now spend all their time studying the Koran online or learning advanced bomb-making techniques, including one I like the sound of – the ‘gang-bang’. And, on a personal note, my donkey no longer limps’.

One tired-looking teenager, who gave his name as ‘Omah’, said ‘it’s truly made a difference; I now study the Koran online into the early hours, when my parents are asleep. The only time I had a problem was when I asked the Mullah if he’d like me to burn him a copy’.

John Ffitch-Rucker

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Posted: Jan 16th, 2012 by Guest

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