Sales of big screen TVs slump as people start sitting closer

Sales of large screen LCD TVs have nose-dived as people have realised that the same affect can be obtained by moving the chair closer to the television.

‘This has saved me a fortune’, said Chas Porter of Basildon, ‘and that whole surround-sound effect can be achieved by simply turning up the volume.’  Mr Porter made the discovery after previously paying a large amount of money for a new 3D wall mounted television to be installed, that eventually turned out to be a window.  ‘Mind you it was realistic.’ he conceded, ‘ see I mainly only watch reality TV anyway, so I didn’t notice for a year or two.’

Media commentator mark Lawson has predicted the end of large-screen TV’s after this major breakthrough. ‘Personally, I just use a telescope and watch whatever my neighbour is watching’.

apepper (with thanks to Nick McCarr and godly1966)

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