‘Ed Mil-ogram’ causes awkwardness at party

Party organisers have admitted to ‘misjudging the mood’ after booking an Ed Mil-ogram for a get-together in Westminster. The lightweight entertainer embarrassed most of the guests, before spending the rest of the evening criticising the buffet for the sake of it.

‘Ed read out an amusing, slightly insulting rhyme someone had written’, explained the host, ‘I expected him to leave after that but he followed me into the kitchen.’

‘I picked up a sausage roll but he said I shouldn’t eat it as it’d been cooked ‘too far, too fast’. I swapped it for some quiche, but he said I shouldn’t eat that either, so I opted for the cheeseballs and he glared at me. When I asked him what I was supposed to eat he just shrugged and said ‘not that’, I got a bit annoyed with him in the end.’

Ed later defended his performance, claiming he could have treated everyone to a lobster banquet for half the budget.

Vertically Challenged Giant (hat-tip to Scroat and dvo4fun)

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