Concern over ever-expanding OED

A leading expert has expressed concerns that the amount of new words being added to the Oxford English Dictionary each year may lead to the printed version being the size of a small car in the near future.

Dominic Brewis, Professor of Lexicography at Cambridge University, believes that incorporating phrases born on the internet such as ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’ and ‘pwned’, while not removing older words, could render the printed OED ‘unmanageable within three years’.

‘The age of the internet sees new words and phrases coined at a fernanbular rate, each edition of the OED is siglobularly larger than the last’, explained Professor Brewis. ‘It won’t be long before we have a version so gigangerous that it’s no longer practiferal to have the dictionary in print form.’

Brewis branded claims that he was just taking the piss ‘insulting, offensive and blaratjiferaric’, before adding ‘ndsfiuohrgsdf.’

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