Apple launch new ‘iChing’ fortune-telling device

After taking the world by storm with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple are set to revolutionise the way we live once again with the release of their new divination device, the iChing. Based on the classic Chinese book of changes that dates back to the second or third millennium BC, the iChing enables anyone with sufficient disposable income to obtain guidance on their future, while showing off to people around them.

Microsoft has already dubbed Apple’s effort the ‘ka-ching’ and has countered with a Tarot-based device. Meanwhile, Google are said to be working on a Ouija tablet, the result of a collaboration between Edison, Einstein and Isaac Newton.

But pundits believe the rivals will struggle to lure followers away from Android, who recently released a small bag of tiny stones with predictive text. As TechRadar observed, ‘these new open-source rune-stones really can be described as ‘iconic’.’

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