Smacking could prevent ministers’ daft ideas, says Labour MP

A quick clout could have put an end to that drivel

The law should be amended to allow constituents to smack government ministers, according to Tottenham MP David Lammy.

In an interview, the former Labour education minister said, ‘Constituents often come up to me and ask how they can prevent politicians from having daft ideas. When one lady suggested the right to smack a government minister might do the trick, I was at first pretty disparaging. But then she gave me a swift wallop just to set the boundaries, and I realised that she was absolutely right.’

Lammy has set out his support for smacking in his new book, ‘Putting the Boot In’. He argues that more physical chastisement directed against Coalition ministers could have prevented the urban riots of summer 2011. ‘Just think,’ he said, ‘if people had been able to go up to David Cameron and give him a few smart slaps around the face, they’d have got all that frustration out of their system instead of having to smash windows at their local Comet and steal a couple of laptops.’

Mr Lammy, who admits to smacking his three- and five-year-old sons, said he came round to the ‘smack a minister’ idea when he realized it wouldn’t apply to him. ‘There’s no point smacking backbench opposition MPs,’ he said. ‘We’ve still got another three years left on the naughty step.’

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