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Big Society ‘staying in watching TV’

A big rise in the number of people watching daytime television is threatening David Cameron’s Big Society, say government ministers. ‘It can’t even get off the ground,’ said a government spokesman, ‘if half the population are sitting on their arse at home watching the Jeremy Kyle Show.’

The popularity of daytime television has been boosted by the rise in unemployment and recent benefit cuts. ‘People can’t afford the pub, so they stay at home in the afternoon and watch the telly,’ said Joe Dewsbury, 24, a daytime television aficionado.

With daytime television watchers soon outnumbering hard working families, some analysts predict the government will ditch the Big Society concept, though others said to come back and ask them after Jeremy’s finished the DNA results. It is understood that David Cameron is preparing to soon appear on Flog It! to launch his Big Sofa idea.

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Posted: Feb 6th, 2012 by roybland

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