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Britain knows someone called Dave, says TV psychic

The entire population of Britain has been gripped by TV psychic Mystic Mondo’s revelation on his new Channel 5 show that they know someone called Dave.

‘He’s maybe a friend or brother, possibly a partner or husband, father or son, maybe an uncle, a cousin or neighbour? Work colleague or a mild acquaintance? Perhaps he delivers your post,’ said Mystic Mondo. 

Peter from Reading said: ‘It was just amazing. The accuracy of the description was truly astounding. He correctly predicted that Dave enjoys laughter and can recite the whole alphabet. That’s my brother Dave alright!’

‘Initially I thought it was just nonsense’ said Lucy from Hull. ‘But then I remembered that Sue next door’s daughter’s husband’s brother’s called Dave. And he has lips and eyebrows just like Mondo predicted. Explain that Professor Dawkins!’

Even sceptics like Dave from Leicester have been won over. ‘At first I had no idea who he was talking about,’ said Dave, ‘but then I remembered that I’m called Dave! And I know me!’


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Posted: Feb 6th, 2012 by Guest

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