NewsBiscuit weather supplement: So what exactly is this ‘snow’?

It's like water, but harder

Meteorologists didn’t see it coming. Weathermen deny it. Transport planners are baffled by it. Drivers live in fear of it. Until yesterday, nobody had heard of it.

It’s called ‘snow’. But, amazingly, it is nothing new. In fact, it used to fall regularly. For those who can remember back that far, it actually fell in London in 2011. Doctors say there’s nothing to be afraid of and some Norwegians say it can actually be therapeutic.

In other more advanced countries, such as Antartica, snow doesn’t terrify people. Like us, Eskimos have over a hundred different words for snow. But their words are positive. Our words – such as Catastrophe, School-Closure, Train-Cancellation, Forced-to-Take-a-Holiday-to-Look-After-the-Kids and We’re-Fucking-Useless-in-This-Country – tend to reflect a more primitive, instinctive fear of the phenomenon.

This supplement will guide you through the snow and come out the other side, albeit wet, cold and several hours late for work.

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