New ‘irresponsibly caught’ fish is ‘catching on’

A new brand is ‘angling’  for attention on supermarket shelves that captures the romance of the one that got away with the thrill of the illicit. Forbidden Fish has all the attraction of forbidden fruit, only it tastes better with chips. ‘It’s an antidote to the smugness of ‘responsibly caught’ fish,’ said managing director Eric Knowles.

‘Irresponsible fisherman litter the banks of rivers with wrecked Tupperware, park untaxed 4x4s dangerously close to the water’s edge, break into fish farms at dead of night and throw bangers into the water and leave fishhooks lying about, endangering dogs and wildlife. They lie to take the day off to fish and very often they have extra-marital sex behind a tree while maintaining multiple rods. But the fish they catch are always fresh and delicious, perhaps because they’re so naughty!’

Market leader Sinful Salmon is now available in cans, promoted by the slogans ‘Get a Tinful of Sinful’ and ‘I Did What It Said On The Tin’. Now, Forbidden Fish are off to sea. ‘Our trawlermen will tease lobsters and radio the coastguard with fake mayday warnings in funny voices,’ promised Knowles.

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