‘Don’t Tell the Groom’ is a TV flop

A follow up to popular TV show ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ has been cancelled after the first episode of ‘Don’t Tell the Groom’ failed to generate the same sort of emotional tension.

The pilot episode of the new show saw bride-to-be Amy Phillips from Chester given £15,000 to organise her wedding with no input whatsoever from her future husband John Dunlop. As Amy struggled to organise everything in just three weeks John moved in with his best man, drank heavily and spent hours playing Call of Duty on the PS3.

The producers finally decided to pull the plug after the big reveal of the suit Amy had picked out for John, intended to be the pivotal moment of the show, saw him react by shrugging and saying ‘That’ll do.’ However, the wedding still went ahead. John’s final verdict on the job Amy did putting the wedding together was ‘Yeah, it was alright wasn’t it?’.

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