Train quiet zone infiltrated by noise makers

A train-travelling man was left mildly perturbed after a group of up to four humans entered the designated quiet zone on a train and showed little if any respect for the zone’s esoteric signage.

‘I don’t think they knew which carriage they were in. If they did, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been as murmury. They probably just thought everyone else was really tired,’ said the vaguely dissatisfied gentleman. Instead, the group began to blatantly communicate with each other, verbally, some 11 minutes into the train’s three-hour journey.

‘I had hoped the conductor would ask them to pipe down a bit, but they stopped talking just as he walked past. I had to put my book away and listen to some music, through earphones and at a respectable decibel level, of course.’ When asked why he himself hadn’t asked the group to quieten down, the disliker of loud noises stated that he feared he may ‘be attacked with bleach.’


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