Disillusioned dog suddenly realises the futility of fetch

There was a surprise and disappointment at Clapham Common yesterday when Lucky, a spaniel- terrier cross, stopped short during his seventh retrieval of a well used and prized tennis ball, sighed and sat under a tree to look wistfully at the nearby pigeons.

Lucky’s Owner, Jonathan Thwaite, 45, was confused and slightly upset telling friends that he was ‘disappointed’ that a much beloved and joyful game was now very much a thing of the past. No amount of cajoling, promising of treats or verbal scalding could coax Lucky to play fetch but when Mr Thwaite gave up and began home Lucky followed him.

When interviewed Lucky said, ‘What’s the point eh? We both know what’s going to happen. It’s not as if it’s a fucking pheasant, it’s tennis ball with my drool all over it. What does he want with it? It’s disgusting.  To be frank, I don’t even believe he’s putting in the full effort when he’s throwing it anymore anyway. I’m not a pup, I KNOW the difference.’

Mr Thwaite told reporters that Lucky had never shown such indifference before stating, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I find it a little disrespectful to be honest. I have done nothing but defend him during his little misdemeanours: sick-on-the-bed-gate, when he tried to hump that old lady. I’ve supported him fully. This feels like a betrayal.’


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