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Scotland leaves United Kingdom, replaced by Belgium

In a stunning diplomatic coup Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the formal accession of Belgium to the United Kingdom, replacing the disillusioned Scottish nation.

‘It’s been an open secret that Scotland has been looking to transfer out of Team UK for a while now, and frankly I was just getting a bit fed up with the snide sarky comments from Alec Salmond and his so-called Scottish Parliament.’ said the new Prime Minister of England and Belgium.

‘Luckily we have been able to replace them with the Belgians, who are frankly healthier, following a strict diet of raspberry-flavoured beer, mussels and chips as they do. They also have a much better command of the English language.

The Prime Minister has responded to concerns about sectarian in-fighting between Flems and Walloons by suggesting they all mo

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Posted: Feb 16th, 2012 by Zadok

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