Outrage as Rastamouse takes multi-million pound bonus

Politicians are calling for TV CBeebies star Rastamouse to loose his bonus, calling it prepostorous that at times of austerity, Rastamouse was enjoying ever increasing amounts of rewards whilst the rest of the BBC was receiving cuts.

The BBC defended their choice to reward the star since “if we did not pay Rastamouse the going rate, it is likely he will move to Dubai, switch to a rival company or scurry away into a hole.

“Only a very small amount of his bonus will be paid in cash – the remainder will be paid in wheels of cheese that are only accessible when they’ve matured. Moreover, the cheese will be sprinkled on the kitchen floor in a tranches and Rastamouse will only be able to take this bonus by collecting it over night.”

Rastamouse has long argued he deserves the bonus, citing having hit all the targets he was set over year; vastly supporting the BBC’s diversity record but others have hit out at his anti-feline views after reports he assualted a Mr. Jerry in a club earlier this year, and saying that cats should be “lined up outside and shot” in an interview with the today programme.


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