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Man has dream that isn’t ‘weird’

Early reports of a dream a man had last night could mark the beginning of a new stage in human evolution, say scientists. Until now, the ‘I had the weirdest dream last night’ introduction to a tale of flying on a bicycle over a city of talking goats to deliver dead roses to a pope was the norm, but Martin Watterson broke the mould when he awoke this morning, and announced, ‘I’ve just had a perfectly normal dream.’

In the dream, Mr Watterson, 69, had engaged in normal, everyday activities like gardening and reading the paper, and his wife had put in an appearance, looking like she usually does. ‘I remember glancing at the clock in the hall and it said 2.15pm, which was roughly what I would have expected at that time of day.’

Scientists examined his brain during the immediate post-dream period. ‘What they said was largely unintelligible to me,’ Watterson admitted, ‘but that didn’t surprise me either, bearing in mind they were from the planet Zarg.’

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Posted: Feb 20th, 2012 by malgor

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