Shock as men paid to punch each other almost come to blows

The world of paying men to punch each other for our entertainment was rocked at the weekend after two men who’ve been trained to punch each other almost came to blows.

‘I cannot understand where they get these ideas from,’ said one ambassador for the noble profession. ‘In all the years I’ve spent fixing fights and exploiting fighters, I’ve never seen anything so terrible. It gives the sport a bad name.’

In the incident, Derek – The Cheese – Aura and David Haymaker nearly came to blows during an argument about who was the best fighter. Both have spent a lifetime training to punch people, letting their fists do the talking while their mouths are disabled by gumshields. So it came as a massive surprise when their professional dispute could not be resolved by dialogue and led to an outbreak of physical violence.

‘What makes them think fighting is the answer?’ asked one promoter. ‘I’ve a good idea to withhold their purse.’

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