Dead mother even more annoying as a ghost

Eleanor Drysden, 51, is seeking help after reporting unwelcome visitations from her recently deceased mother, Ethel. Eleanor admitted having whispered, ‘don’t go Mum’, seconds before her mother’s final breath, and Ethel has remained true to her daughter’s final request.

‘To be honest, I wish I’d just let her kick the bucket in silence’ said Eleanor. ‘It’s even worse than when she was alive. At least I could pretend to be out when she called around unexpectedly. You can’t really do that when your Mother can walk through walls or hover above you, making sarcastic comments about my husband or criticising the kids’ chicken nuggets and chips. At least she used to go home occasionally when she was alive.’

Darren, Eleanor’s husband, is threatening to contact a local priest or call Ghostbusters. ‘I’ve had enough of the constant comments about my weight, my job and then getting my name wrong on purpose. I’m sure Satan sent her back as he couldn’t handle her.’


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