UK braced for another sixty years of royal good deeds

The UK is faced with sixty years of the Duchess of Cambridge performing good deeds warn royal watchers.

On her third good deed engagement in a fortnight visiting a therapeutic art school in Oxford, the Duchess this week signalled her intention of spending the next sixty years walking along rows of admirers interrogating them about their dreadful mundane lives. ‘She’s amazing,’ said Asperger sufferer, twelve-year-old Jeb Webb. ‘She’ll be doing this obsessively over and over again for the next sixty years.’

‘Just when we thought we were going to get a rest from royal good deeds, up pops Katie to take over from the Queen,’ said republican John Steele. ‘At least Princess Di had the decency to call it a day while she was young.’ Adding, ‘I just wish Katie would go back to modelling frocks for a living.’

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