Other people definitely arseholes, say scientists

Scientists at the Institute of Clinical Knowledge believe they may have finally proved that other people are definitely arseholes. Lead author Dr John Anderson said, ‘For many years there has been anecdotal evidence that other people are arseholes but we believe we have conclusively proved it.’

In the report, researchers cited many detailed examples of other people’s arseholic tendencies, finding that other people tended to be late and not apologise, enjoy the work of Jeremy Clarkson and start wars. Perversely, research revealed that other people seem blissfully unaware of their general arseholery and appear content not to seek any form of treatment or therapy. Dr Anderson explained his team were ‘generally met with blank faces and violence’ when confronting other people with their condition.

Dr Anderson’s team have as yet been unable to find a cure, but advised everyone to ‘take a look at the other person, and be safe in the knowledge that they are definitely an arsehole.’


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