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Binge drinking MPs could face curfew and travel ban

The unacceptable face of Parliamentary Hooliganism reared its ugly head again yesterday, with booze fuelled rival factions clashing in a House of Commons bar.

Police say there was one arrest and at least one member injured, after ancient rivalries were ignited by cheap booze which is freely available in the holiday camp known to locals as Westminster Village. ‘It’s always the same with British MPs, they have a few drinks and they want to have a fight,’ said one football fan, who said he felt ashamed to be British.

‘There’s absolutely no excuse for what they do,’ said a football journalist, ‘I regularly fiddle my expenses, hack phones and drink twenty pints a night with blokes from a rival newspaper, but we never end up fighting one another.’

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Posted: Feb 24th, 2012 by ronseal

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