Exotic banana identified in batch of venomous spiders

Quarantine staff at Norwich International Airport were shaken this morning when a cargo of 300 highly venomous arachnids was found to contain what appeared to be a ‘yellow crescent shaped fruit.’

Dean Wiveton, the facility’s resident vet and fruitarian, finally identified the rogue fruit as a ‘banana’, but was unable to ascertain the exact variety. The ‘banana’ was packed in ice and transported across the road to a nearby Tesco Express, where banana enthusiast Traci Toftwood excitedly claimed it was a rare Ducasse Banana – seen only twice before in the county.

Also known as a ‘Sugar Banana’ the fruit was swiftly taken away by staff from the Norwich Castle museum, where it will be exhibited for a couple of weeks. After which it is likely to be added to a batch of the Museum cafe’s famous ‘Nelson’s Waterloo Banana cake’.

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