Tories defend decision to offer work experience to LibDems

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has today defended the Government’s controversial scheme to offer work experience to Liberal Democrat MPs such as Nick Clegg.

Critics have attacked the scheme, describing it as slave labour and claiming that participants such as Mr Clegg are expected to work long hours for very little extra pay and no prospect of being re-elected at the end of the scheme.

Mr Grayling however argued that the experience has been very useful for Mr Clegg. ‘He’s experienced being part of Government, which is an opportunity a Lib Dem would never normally have. And just look at some of the things he can put on his CV now as having been part of – reforming the NHS, getting the economy out of recession…’

Opponents of the scheme remain unconvinced however. ‘Many of the participants have failed to complete the scheme’ pointed out Labour leader Ed Miliband. ‘Chris Huhne, and David Laws for example. Although, to be fair, with hindsight maybe they’d have been better off stacking shelves in Poundland.’

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