Sex workers ‘getting brainier’, report finds

Sex workers are getting brainier, a survey has found. The rise in prostitute intellect is attributed to the increase in students – particularly trainee doctors – turning to the game to pay for their university tuition fees.

‘Many prostitutes are now comfortable discussing the latest developments in hip-replacement, biochemistry, or the philosophy of mind,’ the report says. ‘Some punters welcome it as an opportunity to further their education, regarding it as a sort of intellectual bolt-on to the basic hand or blow job.’

Trainee doctor Mandy Lusted (22) says she often ‘turns a trick’ between lectures and sees it as in the spirit of a future NHS. ‘Andrew Lansley is right in saying doctors should be free to look for new cash flows,’ she said. ‘Well, anyhow, that’s what he told me last night in the back of his car.’

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