Unite Leader calls for competency on ‘a day of actual action’

revolution of trains' wheels not part of the deal

Unite Leader Len McCluskey has today called on his members to ‘show up at work and make sure things go smoothly’ in a bid to disrupt this year’s Olympic games in London. It is a bold move designed to take people from all nations by surprise, and follows on the last national strike when people were less upset about the action and more worked up by comments made by Jeremy Clarkson

‘We are after maximum publicity for our cause,’ Mr McCluskey said outside the plush offices of the Union, ‘and if during the biggest sporting event this country has seen we can make sure the trains run on time, buses stick to the timetable, and the tubes are on schedule so you don’t have to wait a whole 3 minutes until the next one, then that will be international news.’

‘That way our members, who face near poverty, will be able to spread their message,’ he added. ‘I’d bet my six-figure salary on it’

Ironically, if the ‘day of actual action’ goes ahead and is successful, many Unite members may lose their jobs. John Williams, lead driver at the ‘Replacement Bus Service Company’ explained, ‘If all the trains run smoothly then we’ll all be redundant. Our whole business depends entirely on the rail industry being utterly, utterly crap.’

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