Windows ‘8’ my concentration span…. OMG! Look at this! LOL!

One of the new unreported features of Windows 8 is a Twitter busting feature that promises to be ten times more distracting than anything else on the… LOL! OMG!… sorry, market.

Disruptive technology, such as Twitter, has been responsible for shortening the average attention span by…. WOW! Stephen Fry’s just had a bowel movement. Retweet…. er, whatever, 50 per cent.

Now Microsoft wants a piece of the…. JoeyBarton7 is reading a George Orwell! PMSL! Not being snobbish or anything but ROFL!! …. action. The new AttenShun feature in Windows 8 is designed to lower your IQ by 99 points – or your preconceptions back.

“Attention spans are, like, SO over,” said a Berkshire based Microsoft UK marketing manager, with a mysteriously gained American accent. “Britain needs to move on from the days when it exploited dinosaurs. The sun has set on the Bruteish empire. We need to get with the program.”

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Posted: Mar 2nd, 2012 by

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