Man who understands new web privacy settings still in toilet

A new plug-in will allow web users to track advertisers who have left cookies on computers of people advertising anti-privacy software that tracks the buying habits of people who shop online but who have disabled settings allowing third parties to store their browsing histories, in an attempt to capture personal data about both shoppers and advertisers from both their emails and their use of firewalls.

But the only man who understands it is still in the toilet and refuses to shout an explanation through the locked door.

‘Just leave me alone,’ said Dutch software guru Benny Miltonburg, who says he can explain how the plug-in works and what it means to people using computers. Miltonburg claims he is in the toilet for genuine reasons related to lack of healthy diet and exercise. But some experts believe he is hiding there because he doesn’t understand whether the new software is a victory for privacy or a blow to freedom of speech, or both or neither.

‘The truth is bound to come out sooner or later,’ said web guru and proctologist Selena Davis. ‘And so is Benny.’

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