Customer-feedback survey draw winner ‘Quite Unsatisfied’ with prize

The winner of a prize draw for participants in an online customer satisfaction survey has used an online survey to express his disappointment at the fountain pen he won.

Colin Vickery rated the pen’s aesthetic standard as ‘Moderately Poor’, its writing performance as ‘Fairly Adequate’ and his overall prize-winning experience as ‘Below Average’.

Mr Vickery, ‘31 to 49’, has contributed to ‘More Than 1000’ online surveys but has only been ‘Very Satisfied’ on ‘Fewer Than Five’ occasions.

‘Despite this disappointment I’d say it’s ‘Substantially Unlikely’ that it will discourage me from completing further online surveys,’ said Mr Vickery. ‘Although the chances of me recommending Quantity Surveyors Ltd’s online feedback prize draws to friends are ‘Medium to Low’.’

The results of the online survey to establish how Mr Vickery evaluated his experience of completing the online feedback form regarding his prize for completing the original online evaluation are expected shortly.

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