‘Homeopathic royals cannot become King’ shock

Royals who embrace homeopathy cannot become King constitutional lawyers have discovered in a shock finding. ‘It has long been believed that only Catholics couldn’t become King,’ royal historian Dr David Starkey explained. ‘But lawyers have now unearthed an ancient statute that excludes homeopathic royals from becoming monarch.’

Dr Starkey said the law was ‘obviously enacted to stop insane members of the Royal Family from succeeding to the throne’. Some constitutional experts argue that even if the heir to the throne could get round the law, he still couldn’t become King ‘if, as is likely, he embraced other quackery or, say, held bizarre views on architecture, or took an exceptionally unattractive wife’.

Prince Charles was reported to be ‘upset and surprised’ at the discovery.  Especially the way of the Act of Settlement 1701 seemed to have been amended at the time with an asterisk and a red crayon.  Dr Starkey said the finding had come as a shock to the Queen, especially in her jubilee year, but ‘Her Majesty takes comfort in the realisation that she can now pop the Royal Clogs without worrying about the succession.’

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