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Palace launches Queen 2.0

Buckingham Palace yesterday launched its long-awaited upgrade to its Queen range of monarchs.

‘Queen 2.0, after sixty-years of beta development, combines the traditional robust Windsor  operating system,’ said a Palace spokesman, ‘with a friendlier democratic interface.’

But critics say they are disappointed that the new model looks exactly the same as Queen 1.0 except that it seems to be getting smaller.

‘We like the reduction in size,’ said one Queen fan. ‘But with the same old hats and the same irritating artificial voice it won’t make you go out and buy one.’

Critics also point out that the new model is still dependent on an unstable spare part made in Greece that can perform erratically in public.

Although it is known that a younger slimmer replacement is undergoing trials, Queen 2.0 is expected to corner the market in monarchs for the next few years.

Buckingham Palace is believed to be reconciled to the fact that their unpopular and accident-prone Charles 1.0 prototype is unlikely to ever make it onto the crowded royal market.


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Posted: Mar 21st, 2012 by Boutros

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