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Looters divided over Sunday shopping laws

Shoppers who helped themselves to ‘free stuff’ during last summer’s riots say they’re divided over George Osborne’s relaxation of Sunday trading laws during the Olympics.

‘It’s definitely a good idea to open the shops on Sunday,’ said Jason Dobbs,18, ‘because then you don’t have to smash the windows in or torch the place. ‘But I’ll feel a bit funny about doing looting on a Sunday, cos it’s, like, sort of a special day, innit?’

Osborne believes he is building on last summer’s demand for late night shopping and hopes ‘the Olympic spirit of fairness’ will tempt people this time to pay for their goods.

‘The great thing is that supermarkets and big stores will be able to open,’ points out Winston Perks,19, who has studied Osborne’s plan. ‘So you’re not just confined to little corner shops or Tesco Express.  But for obvious reasons it’s important that shops stay open well after dark.’

One man who wished to remain anonymous, said he was strongly opposed to Sunday opening.

‘I support Keep Sunday Special and I’ve heard some churches might close early ‘cos of the shopping which will make it hard for me ‘cos church collection plates and that are where I do my main shopping,’ he said.

[Mandy Lifeboat]

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Posted: Mar 22nd, 2012 by Guest

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